Journey with our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc – Part 3: Bottling.

»»Journey with our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc – Part 3: Bottling.



From the day we opened, we have been pouring Sauvignon Blanc from Kellybrook Winery, just around the corner in Wonga Park.  We’ve become great friends and supporters of each other over the years, and last year they made a Sauvignon Blanc just for us.  This year, they have invited us in on the Journey –  so we can see the wine from the vineyard to the bar!

PART 3 – Bottling.

After a steady week weeks of fermenting and a period of settling, our wine is now ready to be bottled.  Our Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t really require much filtration, fining or ageing, so the main components at this stage is having everything ready for the set date.  Order the bottles, screw caps, boxes… and most importantly – print the labels.

Now, we knew we wanted to refresh the labels for this year, so it was off to the drawing board for Dale and anyone with an opinion.  Which direction do we go – fun, bold, sophisticated, traditional?  Do we change the name?  In the end, in a last minute decision before sending it to print, we kept it as a progression over an innovation, and we think it fits just right next to our Public Rouge too.

With a few weeks of settling in the bottles, the 2018 The Public Sauvignon Blanc is now available!  We sell it over the bar at The Public Brewery and The Cellar Door in Ringwood, and is available for purchase in our bottle shop, The Public Cellars and online at

Come and give it a try!

The Public Brewery Crew.

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