Journey with our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc – Part 1: Picking!

»»Journey with our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc – Part 1: Picking!

2018 Vintage is here!


From the day we opened, we have been pouring Sauvignon Blanc from Kellybrook Winery, just around the corner in Wonga Park.  We’ve become great friends and supporters of each other over the years, and last year they made a Sauvignon Blanc just for us.  This year, they have invited us in on the Journey –  so we can see the wine from the vineyard to the bar!

And so we got the call – its ready to pick on Tuesday (20th Feb) morning.  It was a beautiful crisp and sunny morning, perfect conditions for harvesting.  It started off early with the bird nests coming off so the picking could start – getting the grapes into the winery before they warm up in the sun too much is the best way to start winemaking.

And look at the beautiful bunches –  The Yarra Valley really does produce grapes for premium wines.  All those years of experience, attention and dedication add up to consistently high quality yields as each season brings its challenges.

The grapes were picked at 12.1 Baumé, pH3.35 and 7.5 TA… what does that mean?  Well, its the sugar (in Baumé) and acid levels (pH and Total Acidity).  The sugar is the fun bit – fermenting not Alcohol (it basically means we’ll end up with a wine thats around 12.5%alc/vol), and the acidity is right in the zone for it to be fresh and zesty!  But its the flavours of the grapes which is the most fun.  That are so sweet and tropical!

Looking forward to the next post where we see it in the Winery!

The Public Brewery Crew.


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