Rob Dolan 'White Label' Pinot Gris

There are some beautiful Pinot Gris wines coming out of the Yarra Valley, and this is up there with the best of them.  We love the slight pink/copper hue as it pours – a classic touch resulting from the natural skin colour of the Pinot Gris grapes (Gris is grey in French – and the grapes are a greyish colour, sitting between the other Pinot varietals – Pinot Blanc (white) and Pinot Noir (black).  The french kept these names pretty simple!).   This same skin contact gives it a slightly savoury and spiced edge, but the main focus is the lovely pear and apple notes, with touches of nectarine too.


2017 Vintage.  13.5% alc/vol.  750ml Bottles.


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