Kelly Brothers Sparkling Apple Cider

‘This cider is made using a blend of Pink Lady, Gala, and Granny Smith apple varieties. Each variety contributes a key element of flavor, sweetness or acidity. We press the juices through an open weave cloth and then commence fermentation immediately with full apple solids. This allows for some fine apple tannin pick up at ferment providing some structure and mouth feel.

The ferment is kept cool and allowed to go to dry. This normally takes around 10 days. We then allow the dry cloudy fermented cider (scrumpy) to settle for a few days prior to filtration. Filtered apple juice is then blended into the dry cider to bring up the sweetness and flavor of the cider. We then carbonate and bottle. This usually happens within 3 to 4 weeks of crushing the apples. Kelly brothers Apple cider is superb with seafood, especially prawns or on a warm day over ice. The pallet is medium dry.’ – Kelly Brothers Cider Co.

7.0% alc/vol, 330ml Bottle.

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