Arquiteka Apple Cider

Arquiteka is a new cider from one of the oldest Family Orchard growers in the Yarra Valley.  Having grown apples since 1852, this family business has seen some change over the years, and are always ready to go with it at the highest level.

With one of the slickest bottle styles I’ve seen for a while, it pushes tradition into the future.  “We are a small craft Cider Maker in the “Yarra Valley”, says owner Steve, yet it has taken 5 years of development, including three trips to the UK to learn the trade, to perfect the traditional method.  And there is nothing on the market quite like it – 9 apple varieties, twice cold pressed, 5 different yeasts, aging and blending – create the dry, floral and quenching cider.

6.6% alc/vol, 330ml Bottles.