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The Public Brewery ‘Feather Weight’ Craft Light

The team here at the Public Brewery developed Feather Weight to challenge age old perceptions that light beer isn’t cool or worth drinking.   At 2.9%ABV, just 0.75 standard drinks per bottle, it is amazing how much flavour it carries – it punches well above its weight!  With subtle malts, hints of citrus and tropical fruit and a touch of bitterness to round it out,  this is a proper craft beer beer to take to the bbq.

2.9% alc/vol,  330ml Bottles.

The Public Brewery ‘Little India’ Session IPA

Little India Session IPA is the latest addition to The Public Brewery range.  After a stunning response over the bar from out kegged version, this little number just had to set sail with the rest of the range.

Why a Mid Strength IPA?  Heres the low down:  Indian Pale Ales were originally brewed to for the seafarers – high in alcohol and heavily hopped to preserve the beer for its long travels. Today, the IPA style has taken off  and moved in all sorts of directions, so crafting it it into a more sessional version became the aim.

The result is Little India – a bold beer paying homage to its past.  A clever blend of malt and hops  delivers the recognisable characteristics you’d expect in an IPA.

3.8% alc/vol,  330ml Bottles.

The Public Brewery ‘100 Acres’ Aus Pale Ale

The concept behind this beer is to showcase and celebrate Australia’s hops.  Our home grown hops each have unique and subtle qualities, and are expertly blended in this Pale Ale to accentuate grapefruit, mango and pine aromas on a biscuity malt backbone.  Its an easy drinking all-rounder with a bit of flare.

4.9% alc/vol,  330ml Bottles.

The Public Brewery ‘Red Falcon’ American Red Ale

They say parents aren’t meant to have favourites, but what about brewers?  Our brewer has trouble hiding it with this one, and  it’s winning everyone over.  Why?  Because it’s blend of malt and hops are brilliantly balanced.  The malt kicks us off with caramel flavours, while the hops provide an array of tropical and citrus fruits and pine and resin notes.  Hello Red Falcon.

5.0% alc/vol, 330ml Bottles.

The Public Brewery ‘Funky Town’ American Brown Ale

Super Smooth American style Brown Ale.   This malt driven beer delivers cool soft caramel tones that sit alongside silky chocolate characteristics. Just enough bitterness to balance out the sweetness in the finish, with soft citrus and floral notes bringing a lift and contrast.

4.6% alc/vol, 330ml Bottles.