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Water. Sun. Beer.

A micro brewery, with a new twist on an old concept.

The Public Brewery is a micro-Brewery with a difference.
You make the beer!

We offer a unique hands on brewing experience that’s takes you through each step of making your own beer.

Along with the micro-brewery, The Public Brewery is home to a boutique bottle and retail shop, The Public Cellars, and a bar and dining area which opens out to a paved beer garden complete with a real grass and fruit trees.

The Public Cellars stocks beer from breweries all over Victoria, with special emphasis on beer brewed by independently owned breweries. The stock changes regularly to encourage customers to pop on in to have a look at what product has made it on to the shelves and have a chat about future products, events and all things beer.

The dining hall is the place from which to enjoy all that’s on offer at The Public Brewery. Customers are welcome to drop by for a drink and just soak up the atmosphere of a fully operating brewery or choose to settle in for a longer stay and enjoy a meal and a bottle of wine with friends.

The bar serves beer made by The Public Brewery on tap along with a large range of beer from breweries around Victoria. The beer served at the bar changes regularly and the wine list focuses on the local winemaking region, the Yarra Valley.

The dining area has large wooden tables perfect for large groups who are gathering after brewing beer together and there are smaller tables, perfect for couples who may have just dropped by to catch up over a drink or two.


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